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Bader BIII Grinders
Designed With The Knifemaker In Mind
  • Belts and attachments change quickly and stay in alignment.
  • The larger idler pulley and heavier spring give positive belt tracking.

This design is so functional for the knifemaker it is now being copied by many other grinder manufacturers.
All models come with an 8" x 2" serrated or smooth contact wheel; adapter arm and choice of 1/2", 3/4" or 1" x 2" wheel. Standard machines come with two drive pulleys (3" & 6") offering speeds of 2800 and 5800 SFPM. (Other pulley sizes available.)

All attachments and wheels for Bader grinders are available from Pop Knife Supplies. HERE.

"NOTE" you must use all 3 pull-downs. If only one applies, pull the others down to"No Selection" etc.

This Item ships directly from our supplier. After you complete your order we will contact you with a total including actual shipping cost. Shipping for basic machine usually runs approx $135.00.

Prices have changed so please call me (706 678 5408) about prices.


Bader Grinder Attachments and Accessories