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Economy Belts (New Products Available!)

There are a lot of different belts on the market today. We bought a few different belts to let some of our customers try them, and we have had a good response for the VSM XK870 Ceramics and the Sankyo TAJ Aluminum Oxide J-Flex belts. We have decided to stock these belts. If you are looking for an economy belt you may want to give these a try!

-AZ-X Aluminum Oxide/Zirconia combination belt

-Awuko KT62W j flex

-VSM XK870 Ceramic

-Sankyo TAJ

AZ-X 2x72 Aluminum Oxide / Zirconia Combination Belts -- .
Awuko 2x72 800 grit j flex Belts -- .
Sankyo 2x72 TAJ j flex --
VSM 2x72 XK870 Ceramic --