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Formax F-26 Belt Grease
F-26 All Purpose Lubricant for Belts and Discs
This is the “original” and ever popular F-26 coated abrasive grease stick that is in universal use. The regular type polishing wheel grease sticks are purposely made of high melting point greases, but abrasive belts run so cool that these types of greases have a tendency to form a “gummy” surface referred to as “loading” or “glazing”. The use of F-26 on belts and discs prevents this. It is a light bodied grease - that spreads out thinly - remains “wet” on the belt - and provides lubrication by penetrating the coated abrasive surface. F-26 prevents clogging and leaves the abrasive grit free to cut clean and smooth. F-26 is recommended for all belt-polishing operations - on all metals, plastics and glass.